Flash Video Player (FLV Player)

Listing ID : 1047
Created on 2008-02-21 at 9:00 AM
Author : Tufat.com Development Team [scriptarchive1@gmail.com]

Online URL : http://www.search-scripts.com/scripts/flash/flash-video-player-flv-player-.html

Resize the applet without distorting the video controls. This permits resizable video displays while preserving the ability to control the playhead and volume.

Over two dozen XML configuration options can be set using an external XML configuration file. Only a simple text editor, like Textpad, is needed to edit the XML. Change settings like logo path, click URL, brightness, position of controls, transparency, color, and many more!

FLV video and non-progressive JPG logo are loaded externally from files. The paths to these files are set in the XML configuration. 100% of the Flash 2004 Professional source code is included, as well as a .dtd file to help validate your XML syntax.

Change the XML configuration filename by editing the HTML file that loads the applet, as shown here. Please note that this edit must be done in two separate places. By doing this, you can have multiple instances of the applet on a single HTML page, by giving each XML file a different name.

Resource Specifications
Platform(s): Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, Sun Solaris, FreeBS
Database(s) Non
Version: 1
File Size: < 100KB
Date Added: 2008-02-21
Last Updated: 2008-02-21

License Information
License Type: Commercial
Price: 0 USD
Visit: http://demo.tufat.com/applets/flvplayer/index.html
Download: http://www.tufat.com/s_flv_player_applet.htm

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