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PHP Oracle Web Development is a new book from Packt that helps users combine the power, scalability, and reliability of the Oracle Database with the ease of use, short development time, and high performance of PHP. Written by experienced author, Yuli Vasiliev, this book is built entirely around example code, covering the most popular and up-to-date topics on using PHP in conjunction with Oracle.

When building a PHP/Oracle application, users have two general options. The first is to use an Oracle database just to store data, performing all the operations on that data on the client side; the other is to use the database not only to store data, but also to process it, thus moving data processing to the data.

While building the key business logic of a database-driven PHP application inside the database is always a good idea, users should bear in mind that not all of the databases available today allow you to do. The Oracle database, which offers record-breaking performance, scalability, and reliability, does. The partnership of Oracle and the open-source scripting language PHP is an excellent solution for building high-performance, scalable, and reliable data-driven web applications.

Through numerous examples, this book will show readers how to build simple and efficient PHP applications on top of Oracle, efficiently distributing data processing between the Web/PHP server and Oracle Database server.

What you will learn from this book

  1. Install and configure PHP and Oracle software
  2. Connect PHP with Oracle
  3. Move key application business logic into the database
  4. Build transactional PHP/Oracle applications
  5. Use security features of PHP and Oracle
  6. Improve performance with caching
  7. Employ XML features of PHP and Oracle
  8. Implement SOAP Web services with PHP and Oracle
  9. Build Ajax-driven PHP/Oracle solutions

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