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Created on 2007-08-29 at 8:16 AM
Author : Lee Crabtree []

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Create a YouTube effect for your Flash videos with this YouTube Player Clone. This player includes 100% of the Flash source code, and includes free updates. Please note that this applet is NOT a clone of the entire system; it is only a clone of the video player itself, with a primitive file-based rating system.

YouTube Player Clone

Full screen view permits the viewer a cinema-style display of the video, with a close button in the lower-right corner to return to normal view. YouTube - like interface to rate videos is shown at the end video playback. The system advances to the next set of videos from videos.xml automatically. Option exists to show the currently played video at its original size, or open a new window to show the video in full screen view.

YouTube Video Player Clone - XML FileVideo paths and titles are stored in an XML file, alone with rating and view information. This file must be CHMOD'd after upload to your PHP server. In config.xml, you may set the e-mail formatting options for the video sharing feature, with a link to view the video on your server, just like YouTube! Over two dozen XML configuration options exist to adjust various aspects of the video applet, like color, video path, autostart, and other common options.

When users share a video, a YouTube like email is received with a link to view the video on the server. When a video is rated, the user's IP is recorded along with the file that was rated, to prevent duplicate ratings. 100% of the Flash 8 Pro source code is included with the purchased version of this YouTube Player Clone, including the .fla file, and all .as (ActionScript) files.

Resource Specifications
Platform(s): Linux, Windows, Mac OS
Database(s) Non
Version: 1.2
File Size: 5MB - 10MB
Date Added: 2007-08-29
Last Updated: 2008-01-05

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License Type: Commercial
Price: 5 USD

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