Simpli Easy Contact Forms Bundle

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Created on 2007-09-01 at 8:09 PM
Author : Chris Anderson []

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Simpli Easy Contact Form Bundle. You can get all five unique contact forms, which include all the source code so you can modify them any way you like. PLUS you will get twenty easy to change backgrounds for each form design!

Each contact form is different and you can choose which one you would like to have met your needs. For example if you would just like a simple contact form that's easy to modify or you just want a quick form on your website, you could just use the Simpli Basic Contact Form, or if you still just want something basic but would like an Auto Responder you could use Simpli With Auto Responder Form. The Simpli With Auto Responder with an Excel Database that will let you keep those records in an easy to use format. Included with this Simpli Easy Contact Form Bundle is an MySQL version for those who would like the data stored on a server with a simple Display for viewing. Even better how about an Advanced Commercial Contact Form for those who have lot's of traffic and require MySQL and Excel and would like a password protected Administration Control Panel that can be used to Edit, Delete, Modify and even Add a Client.

Resource Specifications
Platform(s): Linux, Window
Database(s) Flat File, MYSQ
Version: 3
File Size: 100KB - 500KB
Date Added: 2007-09-01
Last Updated: 2007-09-01

License Information
License Type: Commercial
Price: 4.95 USD

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