Kentico Social Networking Platform for ASP.NET v5.5

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Created on 2010-06-03 at 9:14 PM
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Kentico CMS for ASP.NET is a full-featured content management system for building web sites, on-line stores, intranets and Web 2.0 social networks.

It comes with a Free Edition that can be used also for commercial projects.

It features:
- Advanced content management system with workflow, versioning and permissions
- Easy development and deployment
- Web Site Synchronization
- Multisite support
- Flexible design and navigation
- Smooth integration of custom code and modules
- Open API
- Full C# source code (available only with source code license)
- Multilingual, UNICODE and RTL support
- SharePoint connector
- Meta Weblog API integration
- Content and Design separation
- Browser-Based development
- Full-text search
- Custom Content Types
- Rapid development
- AJAX support
- News and RSS feeds
- On-line forms
- Newsletters
- Forums
- Messaging
- E-commerce
- Media Libraries
- Blogs
- Friends
- Groups
- Tagging and Categories
- Polls
- Web Analytics
- Private Messaging
- Message Boards
- Wiki (User contributions)
- Authentication with Active Directory, Windows Live ID, OpenID and Facebook
- Reporting
- Event calendar and Booking system
- Google, Bing and Yahoo Maps Integration
- UI personalization
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web standards support
- URL aliasing
- 200+ web parts

... and other great features

Kentico CMS is used by 4000+ web sites in 83 countries.

Download the Free Edition at

Resource Specifications
Platform(s): Window
Database(s) Non
Version: 5.5
File Size: 5MB - 10MB
Date Added: 2010-06-03
Last Updated: 2010-06-03

License Information
License Type: Commercial
Price: 3498 USD

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