The Zend PHP 4 Certification Practice Book

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Zend Certification Practice Test BookAs the usage of PHP grows, the need for a globally-recognized credentials program for professional developers is becoming more and more important. The Zend Engineer Certification Program, launched by worldwide PHP leader Zend Technologies, finally creates a professional designation that represents consistently high-quality skills and knowledge in the PHP world. Written and edited by four members of the Zend Education Board who also helped create the actual Zend Certification Exam, this book contains 200 questions on every topic that is part of the exam. The Zend Certification Practice Test Book is an invaluable resource in testing your preparedness in every area of the exam, from the basics to the most advanced topics. Each question comes with a clear answer that provides an explanation of the question's topic, its goals and end result. Answering the questions in this book will allow you to clearly and quickly identify the areas of PHP in which you are strong and those in which you need further study before being able to pass the exam! Zend Technologies, Inc. ( is the PHP company. Founded by the creators and ongoing innovators of PHP, it is the developer of the Zend Engine, the heart of PHP. Zend focuses on enterprise-class products and services that enable organizations to develop, deploy and manage business-critical PHP applications.

This official Zend book, written and edited by four members of the Zend Educational Board who helped write the Exam itself, provides 200 questions on every single topic covered by the test - more than enough to test your knowledge many times over!

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