XHTML Validation

Listing ID : 322
Created on 2007-09-05 at 8:08 PM
Author : Praveen Kumar [praveen@webmasters-cavern.com]

Online URL : http://www.search-scripts.com/scripts/remotely-hosted/xhtml-validation.html

XHTML Validation is a free service that checks whether your XHTML is valid or not. If your page is not valid, we display the list of errors for you to analyse and fix.

Resource Specifications
Platform(s): Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, Sun Solaris, FreeBS
Database(s) Non
Version: 2
File Size: < 100KB
Date Added: 2007-09-05
Last Updated: 2007-09-05

License Information
License Type: Freeware
Price: 0
Visit: http://xhtmlvalidation.com/
Download: http://xhtmlvalidation.com/

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