PomidorCartOsc - osCommerce Pin Delivery Module

Listing ID : 544
Created on 2007-10-29 at 3:43 PM
Author : Bermouda Ltd. [bermouda@gmail.com]

Online URL : http://www.search-scripts.com/scripts/php/scripts-and-programs/e-commerce/shopping-cart/pomidorcartosc-oscommerce-pin-delivery-module.html

PomidorCartOsc, is a full PomidorCart Pin Delivery System ported to osCommerce (osCommerce Pin Delivery Module). Now you can have PomidorCart integrated to osCommerce as a built-in module and start selling telephone cards or any other items involving pins using your current osCommerce shopping cart website.

Resource Specifications
Platform(s): Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, Sun Solaris, FreeBS
Database(s) MYSQ
Version: 1
File Size: 1MB - 2.5MB
Date Added: 2007-10-29
Last Updated: 2007-10-29

License Information
License Type: Commercial
License Information: 2 License options and 15 Days Free Trial
Price: 250 USD
Visit: http://pomidorcart.com/pomidorCartOsc-osCommerce-Pin-Delivery-Module.html
Download: http://pomidorcart.com/pomidorCartOsc-osCommerce-Pin-Delivery-Module.html

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