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Listing ID : 648
Created on 2007-11-23 at 6:26 PM
Author : Vittorio Ognissanti []

Online URL :

You will get an exact copy of this site-folder bp as setup at another web address. Files to perform Login & Registration at your site will be in folder web except file cc.php that will be in folder bp. A second members area will be fully functional in folder auth. You will also get a /home/root/ folder and some other root-files for security & info. If your root www/index.php already exists, the links appearing here will be added therein.

You will back up your CLONE and make all attempts to modify or replace its contents, if anything goes wrong you will then restore it and try again. If you buy this option only, then let us know your:and we will upload the website and make the related SETUP.

Resource Specifications
Platform(s): Linux, Window
Database(s) PostgreSQL, SQ
Version: 0
File Size: 1MB - 2.5MB
Date Added: 2007-11-23
Last Updated: 2007-11-30

License Information
License Type: Commercial
Price: 70 Euro

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