URL Redirection

Listing ID : 793
Created on 2007-12-28 at 11:59 PM
Author : Terri L. Lawrence [t.lynnhl@gmail.com]

Online URL : http://www.search-scripts.com/scripts/php/web-developers/url-redirection.html

The URL Redirection website allows you to create a short URL that can be effectively used instead of a long URL. Enter a long URL in the textbox below and click "Make Short" to create a short URL. Once you create a short URL, you can not only access the URL you have shortened but almost any page in the site by appending the path after the short URL.

Short URL Website Features:

Resource Specifications
Platform(s): Linux, Window
Database(s) MYSQL, SQ
Version: 1.9
File Size: 100KB - 500KB
Date Added: 2007-12-28
Last Updated: 2007-12-29

License Information
License Type: PHP License
License Information: Popscript.com
Price: 39.97 USD
Visit: http://www.popscript.com/scripts/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=31
Download: http://www.popscript.com/scripts/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=31

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