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PHP Web 2.0 Mashup Projects is book published by Packt Publishing to create practical mashups in PHP grabbing and mixing data from Google Maps, Flickr, Amazon, YouTube, MSN Search, Yahoo!,, and

PHP Web 2.0 Mashup Projects A mashup is a web page or application that combines data from two or more external online sources into an integrated experience. This book is your entryway to the world of mashups and Web 2.0. You will create PHP projects that grab data from one place on the Web, mix it up with relevant information from another place on the Web and present it in a single application. This book is made up of five real-world PHP projects. Each project begins with an overview of the technologies and protocols needed for the project, and then dives straight into the tools used and details of creating the project:

  1. Look up products on Amazon.Com from their code in the Internet UPC database.
  2. A fully customized search engine with MSN Search and Yahoo!
  3. A personal video jukebox with YouTube and Last.FM
  4. Deliver real-time traffic incident data via SMS and the California Highway Patrol!
  5. Display pictures sourced from Flickr in Google maps.

All the mashup applications used in the book are built upon free tools and are thoroughly explained. You will find all the source code used to build the mashups used in this book in the code download section for this book.

What you will learn from this book

You will learn how to write PHP code to remotely consume services like Google Maps, Flickr, Amazon, YouTube, MSN Search, Yahoo!,, and the Internet UPC Database, not to mention the California Highway Patrol Traffic data! You will also learn about the technologies, data formats, and protocols needed to use these web services and APIs, and some of the freely-available PHP tools for working with them. You will understand how these technologies work with each other and see how to use this information, in combination with your imagination, to build your own cutting-edge websites.

This book is a practical tutorial with five detailed and carefully explained case studies to build new and effective mashup applications. If you feel confident with your PHP programming, familiar with the basics of HTML and CSS, unafraid of XML, and interested in mashing things up, this is the book for you! There are a lot of formats and protocols, web services and web APIs encountered in this book. You do not need to know anything about them or about AJAX; you will find all you need in the book.

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